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Lifelong Lay Formation

About Lifelong Lay Formation

The Office of Lifelong Lay Formation strengthens and enriches faith through the lifespan of Catholics. It’s through our services and programs that we aim to nurture those who make up our diocesan church and help them grow in their relationships with each other and Jesus Christ.

Parenting [Quote]

Parents have the unique responsibility for the education of their children; they are the first educators or catechists. They teach by their witness of the faith, through their values and attitudes, by their Christian example of love for Christ and his church. When children are baptized, parents accept the responsibility to raise their children in the practice of the faith...
National Directory for Catechesis 234-235


Faith formation often begins at home, and the Office of Lifelong Lay Formation strongly believes open communication and connecting with your children spiritually will encourage them to grow in their relationship with Christ.

The following resources are helpful in creating a faith-filled environment for children.

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